Unconditional love

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All Possums Go To Heaven

Possums are the most innocent of little creatures, whose involvement with humans has almost always made them the losers. They don't expect anything from us. They don't look to us for any favors. They are not a "pet" bred to behave a certain way so that their human benefactors will respond with food and lodging. So when you first experience love from a creature that hasn't been manufactured to do so, there is an innocence and honesty attached to it unlike no love you will ever receive elsewhere. A purity that almost certainly guarantees their place in Heaven.

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Morgan and Neville

Morgan has dedicated the past few years of her life to rescuing, raising, and understanding possums on a level founded with love and respect for these little creatures. They have shared her bed, shared her food, and shared her life in a way no other creature could replicate. As her Dad, I have stood in admiration of the unselfish giving that she has shown throughout the journey and her unconditional love that gives full proof to the size of her heart. All the little furry winged characters in these images were lovingly created by her as replicas of the babies and gifted to me as a very special keepsake.

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A Place of Rescue

By the time we built our little sanctuary, we had developed a decent knowledge of their needs and habits but we continue to learn as we gain more and more experience of them in an outdoors (but protected environment). The sanctuary can hold eight or ten opossums at a time, but we will probably take a little break in habitation while we allow our hearts to heal a little from the loss of our little babies.

Our Mission is Simple!

responsive screensThe purpose of this site is twofold ... to share the story of the nine little lives that enriched ours on such an unexpected level, and secondly to share the insights so that maybe one day people will develop a respect for these little guys and stop the callous mistreatment that they are currently subjected to.

To paraphrase John Lennon ... Give love a chance!

From the moment we were lucky enough to meet Rocko, the door opened in our hearts and minds to an understanding that we had no knowledge of before. Armed with little practical knowledge we stumbled through the raising of a wonderful little character, who, having lost most of his tail at birth, had no chance of making it in the outside world. So we took him into ours and in the time he shared ours, he made it a brighter and more loving place to live.

That's Rocko on the right ... the day Morgan brought him home after finding him on the side of the road.

There is an untapped love source in possums ...

If you give an ounce, they will return it in gallons.

Each of our babies earned their wings in their own unique way. They each had a unique character and temperament. Generalization minimizes their uniqueness and we have been fortunate enough to be able to spend time and understand a little of "possum talk" and behavior. Morgan could easily pick up their moods from their expressions and ear positions, I just took her lead and did what I was told!


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